Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sleeping beauty - 1st attempt

Code: Doll003

This is my first attempt modeling a figurine using fondant icing. Sleeping beauty is not lying on her bed though. She's lying on the back of my baking pan.hehehe...

I didnt add CMC/tylose powder to the fondant. I used Bakels Pettinice White Fondant. Modeling was ok, I used cornstarch so that it can be rolled/modeled easily. But after drying, I can see some cracks. Hmmm...maybe because I didnt use CMC/tylose powder. Will try again some other day. Overall, I can say, not bad huh? for a first timer. Pat pat pat.... :)

I dedicate this to my lovely angel, Keertikaa, the sleeping beauty (that's what my nieces named her for now) :)

Let's hope my 2nd attempt turns out even better.