Friday, February 27, 2009

Vegan cakes

Code: Heart006
This was a vegetarian carrot cake decorated with vanilla buttercream.

Code: Fun002

This was a vegetarian orange cake which I did for a small birthday celebration for 3 January babies :). Decorated with chocolate & vanilla buttercream.

Valentine's oreo pop cake

I came across this recipe in Bakerella. Tried it for Valentine's day. Manage to save only these few pop cakes displayed in the photo. The rest when through the stick and ended up at the bottom of the stick (too heavy I guess). I couldnt find the lollipop sticks at my place so I ended up using satay sticks (satay is famous in Malaysia). I did 2 hearts using cookie cutter. I used the buttercream to decorate them. My finishing was not very clean. I didn't tap of the extra bit of white chocolate, was afraid that the cake will fall off. Anyway it was rich & delicious. It was even tastier the next day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day

Code: Heart005

Happy Valentine's day! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day...

I received an order for Valentine's day and made this butter cake which was covered with buttercream roses. The writing on the cake is made of royal icing.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sleeping beauty - 1st attempt

Code: Doll003

This is my first attempt modeling a figurine using fondant icing. Sleeping beauty is not lying on her bed though. She's lying on the back of my baking pan.hehehe...

I didnt add CMC/tylose powder to the fondant. I used Bakels Pettinice White Fondant. Modeling was ok, I used cornstarch so that it can be rolled/modeled easily. But after drying, I can see some cracks. Hmmm...maybe because I didnt use CMC/tylose powder. Will try again some other day. Overall, I can say, not bad huh? for a first timer. Pat pat pat.... :)

I dedicate this to my lovely angel, Keertikaa, the sleeping beauty (that's what my nieces named her for now) :)

Let's hope my 2nd attempt turns out even better.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Prune cookies: Mom's fav

This is one of my mom's favourite cookies. Prune cookies. She got this recipe from her collection of paper cuttings. She has a habit of collecting recipes from magazines and newspapers, with the intention of trying it out one day. This is one healthy bite!! It is very time consuming but if you have few helping hands, you can do it fast.

Take note of the cookie pattern. This is the time consuming part.

Once done they are ready to go into the oven!!!

Fresh from the oven. Hmmm...the smell of freshly baked cookies. And the end result... (picture below) :)

YUMMY!! (picture idea: from Bakerella, thank you!!)