Rules of ordering a cake

Rules of ordering a cake:

1) Pls place your order ONE WEEK before your function. More time is needed for wedding cakes/ large amount of cupcakes (1 MONTH in advance). The reasons are:

a) We don't stock cake stuffs. We buy them only when we receive orders. Some things are not available at nearby shops, so we may need to search for the items somewhere else.

b) We need time to plan and design, bake and decorate. Cake is not made in one day.

2) Pls do not bargain the price

- pls appreciate the time and effort taken to make the cake.

- price for each cake or cupcake differ due to it's individual design and flavor

3) There's no delivery during the weekdays and for cakes less than 2kg.

4) For wedding cakes, it is advisable to discuss the designs face-to-face, to clarify and confirm the design and other matters.