Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frozen buttercream transfers

Code: Football002
Code: Children004

I was searching for few ways to transfer pictures to cakes other than using the piping gel. And I came across this website This website teaches the step-by-step of frozen buttercream transfer. So I made these two cakes using the same method. I still need to improve my skills on this method. What problem I faced..the smoothness of the's not that smooth enough. Anyway, people were amazed with the cakes, though.

21st birthday

Code: Flowers002

This is a simple 21st birthday cake. There was no specific request from the birthday boy, so I just made a simple design.

Clifford, The Big Red Dog

Code: Children003
Code: Children002

The first cake is a marble cake and the latter is a chocolate cake. Clifford were made using piping gel. I traced clifford's picture on the cake and outlined it with black-colored buttercream icing. And then I filled in red-colored piping gel.

Double hearts

Code: Heart004

This is a butter cake covered with buttercream icing. I made two heart-shaped butter cake and combined both by cutting one of the cakes.The flowers were made of fondant (this was my first experiment with fondant). I used the cookie cutters to make the flowers. And I added the heart-shaped sprinkles at the sides.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Football field

Code: Football001

This cake is a marble cake. I made this cake for a 21st birthday party. The football players and goal posts are cake toppers (not edible). It was a hit among the boys.


Code: Merdeka001

This is a vegetarian chocolate cake. I did this cake for independence day in 2007. The flag is made of piping gel. Tips: always make sure that the background icing colour is white or cream, so that it can enhance the piping gel's color.

Code: Heart003

This is a marble cake with a simple design. I did this cake for a new year get together.
Code: Heart002

This is a butter cake covered with buttercream icing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby minnie

Code: Children001

I made this cake for my cute little niece when she turned 1. It was a chocolate cake covered with buttercream icing. I did the baby minnie using piping gel. This is my first attempt using piping gel. I outlined the minnie using black colored buttercream icing and filled the rest with piping gel.


I made this cake for my husband on his birthday. It was a marble cake.
Code: Heart001

I then decorated it with buttercream icing.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sisters cake

Code: Fun001

Another cake I really admire. The color combination turned very well. Sweet colors. This is a simple butter cake I did for a birthday celebration for 2 sisters with same birth date. I made the two girls on the cake using buttercream icing. I really love working with buttercream icing. You can really decorate the cakes in so many styles or patterns using buttercream icings.


Code: Doll002

This is one of my favourite cake. I did this for my niece's 4th birthday. She loves cinderella and this cake brought smiles on her face. This cake turned out well and was a hit during the party. Anyhow, all the cakes will end up "under the knife". The skirt is butter cake and the body is full of buttercream icing. I covered the board with buttercream as well.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Doll cake

Code: Doll001

This is my first doll cake. It was one of my "try-out" project. No idea of what dress design to put in, so I just used my imagination( can become a fashion-designer :)). It turned out well I guess.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet 16

Code: Flowers001

This is a sweet 16 cake for a girl (obviously). There was no specific request for patterns. So I just randomly added flowers with different colours, to make the cake "sweet". It is a chocolate cake.

My very first cake...

Code: Book001

I did this cake for my dad's 60th birthday. It is a book-shaped chocolate cake covered with buttercream icing. I added the 2 clowns just to make the cake look "fun". It was a hit among the kids, though! The clowns' body are made from buttercream as well.