Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frozen buttercream transfers

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I was searching for few ways to transfer pictures to cakes other than using the piping gel. And I came across this website This website teaches the step-by-step of frozen buttercream transfer. So I made these two cakes using the same method. I still need to improve my skills on this method. What problem I faced..the smoothness of the's not that smooth enough. Anyway, people were amazed with the cakes, though.


Anonymous said...

Wow... Looks great...

Cupcake Lovers By Soul Eighties said...

yummy...all your cakes are stunning!

Vivek said...

Nice that you have posted your cake pics on the web.
Cakes look good and yummy :-)

Now i know where i can get my online designer cakes from.
All the best Mathi & Jega.

Cheers - Uncle Chocolate Meltz